IOVlabs Ecosystem (RSK) supports „Post Covid Hack 2020“ hackathon with Blockchain technology

On Tuesday, August 11, 2020, RSK, the Bitcoin Code side channel, announced on its official channel, the support of IOVlabs, for „Post Covid Hack 2020“, a global online blockchain hackathon, where teams from around the world will create open solutions to overcome the health, economic, social and privacy challenges of the post-Covid 19 era.

One of the main tracks of the Hackathon, is „Enabling Financial Inclusion“, which is led by IOVlabs, a Gibraltar-registered blockchain company, which creates low-cost, highly secure and easy-to-use platforms for the new global economy and is focused on the development of several RSK Blockchain and RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) implementations.

The hackathon has been organized by Indorse, a technology skills matching platform and Gibraltar-based Consilium, an investor and advisor supporting early stage blockchain technology companies and the digital token economy.

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This online proposal, which is scheduled to run from July to November 2020, had its first online meetings for hackathon partners at the end of July, and the Post Covid Hack was launched on Tuesday, August 10, 2020.

The Post Covid Hack 2020, is a global initiative that seeks to unite approximately 200 participants from around the world, in order to mobilize the coding talent of the blockchain community, to build open solutions without cutting edge permission and accelerate the recovery process of Post Covid-19.

The proposal will be implemented through socio-economic inclusion tracks. These main hackathon clues will include: health, privacy and security, crypto and DeFi, user experience, gamification, with additional clues to be suggested by the sponsoring partners.

Gaurang Torvekar, executive director of Indorse and Eddy Travia, executive director of Consilium, will participate as jurors in the event to evaluate the presentations of Post Covid Hack in which USD 25,000 in prizes will be awarded.

The chronology of the event, is structured as follows: in August, participants will receive via online, educational web seminars prior to the hackathon, then, the online hackathon, which will take place between August and October, and the month of November for the delivery and evaluation of projects by the judges.

Along with the Government of Gibraltar, other partners in the hackathon include RSK, the creator of Bitcoin’s smart contracts, and Tribe Accelerator, a Blockchain start-up accelerator that seeks to drive collaboration and growth in disruptive technology.